At the spa we carry retail versions of many of the Comfort Zone and Naturopathica facial products that we use in our custom and deluxe facials. See our facial products page below for more details.

Many of our clients have fallen in love with the soaps, body washes, body lotions, shampoos, foot creams, and sponges that we use in our wet room treatments.  They make great gifts and are fun way to recreate your spa visit at home.

In 2005 we began offering the very popular Young Living raindrop treatments.  Today Young Living essential oils have become an intergral part of our massage therapy practice and many of us use essential oils at our own homes.  We stock some of the more popular essential oils that we use at the spa for retail purchase.

Many clients have commented on the artwork at the spa. Amy Delventhal and Holly Elkins, whose work is prominently displayed at the spa, can be contacted through us. 

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