Our commitment to exceptional service includes a unique approach to individualized massage sessions. Our staff members are skilled in a variety of styles, pressures, and techniques. Our therapists have their own way of blending their skills into a massage which is uniquely their own. It is our goal to match you with the therapist best suited to your needs.

Feel the tension ease away… If you have the time, start out in the sauna and jacuzzi, indulge and treat yourself to one of our longer full-body treatments, sample our aromatherapy oils, or add hot rocks to your massage.


Petit Massage (30 minutes) $65

Traditional Massage (60 minutes) $105

75-Minute Massage $125

If you don't want to get up off the table after 60 minutes, try our 75 minute massage!

Deluxe Massage (90 minutes) $145

A favorite with our regulars – try it and you’ll never want anything else.

Hot Stone Massage (60/90 minutes) $120/$160

Feel your body relax as the heat penetrates deeply into the tissues and warms you to the core. A luxurious and therapeutic treatment.

Himalayan Pink Salt Rock Treatment (60/90 minutes) $120/$160

Himalayan salt has many benefits to the human body. It contains more than 84 trace elements and minerals to help balance the body's natural energies through regular use and intake. Himalayan salt is also soothing for the muscles, helps aid in skin abnormalities and contributes to a better sense of well being.

Prenatal Massage* (30/60/90 minutes) $65/$105/$145

A special treatment for a special time in your life. Let us soothe those tired, aching muscles, reduce discomfort, and relax your mind.  *We ask that you provide us with a current physicians note for this service.

SRT (Structural Relief Therapy) (60 minutes) $115

A non-invasive advanced massage technique that stops involuntary muscle contraction, increases range of motion and significantly decreases pain.  SRT releases involuntary muscle contraction by reprogramming the jammed neurological signals of the muscles to and from the brain.  SRT involves positional release and also incorporates the principles of muscle energy techniques and fascia release.  SRT is extremely beneficial with a series of treatments as it takes time to treat all affected areas.  One treatment can make a huge difference.  Imagine what several can do.


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